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Hair loss can be one of the many side effects of chemotherapy. Wigs that we feature in our shop come in a large variety of hairstyles and colors. These hair pieces are selected based on their comfort and easy maintenance.

“Customer confidentiality is our #1 priority. Private fitting rooms, and a comfortable atmosphere goes without saying at Women’s Hair & Wigs.”

  • Susan

    Breast Cancer Survivor

    Los Angeles, Fl

    Thank you Women! You are godsend for women going thru this. Have a great vacation and see you soon!

  • Why pick us?

    We truly understand what people
    who are undergoing Chemotherapy,
    Radiation, & Alopecia, are going
    thru. At Women's Wigs we try to make
    each and every person feel relaxed &
    and confident with themselves. I feel
    that my purpose of helping others in
    this situation is being respectfully

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