I’ve been in the wig and hair loss business for over 35 years.  I started in my father’s hair salon in Queens, New York at the age of 14. I got involved with wigs and hairpieces early on, and eventually became a pioneer in the field, even winning first place in the in the prestigious World Wide International Competition in Hairpiece and Hair Design.

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Although I am now a master wig designer, my main focus throughout many years was just hair styling and coloring. It wasn’t until cancer touched my own family about 25 years ago, whereas a close family member became ill, that I started to devote my skills and talent to helping those experiencing hair loss.  I also work with dermatologists, creating wigs for patients suffering from alopecia.

Having cancer, and going through the process of fighting the illness, is tough.  Through my personal experience, and through years of serving my clientele, I understand the anxiety that cancer can cause, in particular to the self image of a person.  I provide privacy and discretion, and I try to make choosing a wig to hide hair loss an enjoyable experience.  The consultation is free. I make my clients feel comfortable, safe, and satisfied. You may come in frowning, but you’re going to walk out smiling. Taken as an opportunity for a change, my clients can become anyone they want – a redhead, a blonde, a brunette. I make it fun for them! Most clients tend to go for wigs that offer them a whole new hair style and color.  I match the wigs to a clients skin tone, and give them lots of style choices form the large selection of wigs that I have in stock. I have styles and colors for men and women of all ages.  I take care of the image, self respect and self worth of my clients by opening my door, and my heart to them. I offer them advice and friendship.  Then, I create the perfect wig for them.

  • Susan

    Breast Cancer Survivor

    Los Angeles, Fl

    Thank you Women! You are godsend for women going thru this. Have a great vacation and see you soon!

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    We truly understand what people
    who are undergoing Chemotherapy,
    Radiation, & Alopecia, are going
    thru. At Women's Wigs we try to make
    each and every person feel relaxed &
    and confident with themselves. I feel
    that my purpose of helping others in
    this situation is being respectfully

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